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products can be returned at any store within 30 days from the date of purchase.

important: the store in the “Galleria” shopping center in St. Petersburg does not accept returns of goods purchased in other stores. products that were purchased in this store cannot be returned in any other store.

it is necessary to provide a receipt and a passport upon return. all product labels should be in their proper places.

the refund is carried out in the same way the payment was made.

swimwear, underwear, pajamas, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics, as well as personal products are not subject to exchange and return.

underwear is not subject to exchange and return, with the exception of tops, bodysuits and undershirts from the children's clothing department, in the original packaging.


exchange of goods in stores is possible only through returns. you can return an unsuitable good, and then purchase a new one. for more information on returns, see the “returns” section.

faulty goods

faulty goods can be returned at any our store. in case of an additional examination, the refund is carried out after the defect is confirmed.

the store in the “Galleria” shopping center in St. Petersburg does not accept returns of goods purchased in other stores. products that were purchased in the “Galleria” shopping center in St. Petersburg cannot be returned in any other store.

if there is a dispute about the origin of the defective goods, a refund will be made after confirmation of the fact of defect.

gift card

purchase gift card

A gift card can be purchased at any ECRU store. Nominal value of any card is from 2 000 to 15 000 rubles in increments of 250 rubles. A gift card is a bearer document. It is impossible to replace the card in case of its theft, loss or damage. The card is valid for three years. It is not possible to return a gift card or exchange it for money.

pay with gift card

The gift card purchased in the store is activated and ready for use. If the purchase price is less than the gift card balance, the remaining money can be used for the next purchases. If the purchase price is more than the balance of the gift card, you can combine it with any other available payment method.

Please keep your gift card after payment if you wish to return an item.

return with gift card

When returning a purchase paid for with a gift card, the funds will be credited to the same gift card. If you do not have a gift card at the time of making a refund, the money will be returned to your bank account. When using several payment methods for the purchase, in case of partial return of products from the receipt, the funds will be returned primarily in cash or to a bank card, and then to a gift card.

check the balance

To find out the gift card balance, address the cashier at any store or contact the customer service in any way you find most convenient.

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